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Preventative Care (Hygiene)
VELscope Exam
Composite (tooth coloured) Fillings
Amalgam Fillings
Crowns and Bridges
Root Canals
Gold Inlays and Onlays
Partial and Complete Dentures

Cosmetic Treatment

(Teeth Whitening System)

Smile Makeovers

BOTOX Cosmetic®

What is Botox?

BOTOX Cosmetic® is an approved, safe prescription drug which is used to reduce or minimize facial wrinkles in the area(s) it is applied. The treatment involves very tiny injections into the muscles under the skin in order to temporarily relax the muscles. This will prevent the muscles from fully contracting, and thus will minimize the creasing / folding / wrinkling of the skin in the treated area. The treatment is temporary and not permanent.


Dr. Baharloo strives to achieve a natural outcome in conjunction with the patient's treatment goals. BOTOX Cosmetic® will relax the muscles which contract and thus it helps to soften or reduce the wrinkling typically associated with negative expressions such as: worry, anger, stressed appearance, tired etc. You will still be able to express yourself and to smile. A BOTOX Cosmetic® treatment often results in a more relaxed, better rested and "fresher" appearance.

Dr. Baharloo will recommend the best possible treatment for you based on her assessment of the wrinkle issues and skin problems.  Ask Dr. Baharloo if BOTOX® treatment is an option for you.

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